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Rescue Services

Delta Access Ltd.’s rescue service provides the industry with a contract-based alternative for all safety and site rescue requirements. As a result of increased safety regulations and operational costs, the workforce is aging. Although it can be complex and expensive to train in-house personnel to perform rescue duties, there is no evidence that in-house personnel are effective. Delta Access Ltd. provides industry with a complete contracted rescue service tailored to each client’s unique needs. 

We cover the following scenarios:

Confined Space:

The confined space rescue team is comprised of the best technicians in our organization. We provide rescue services for silos, power stations and hazardous tanks or chambers.


Construction Structure:

Have you been trapped in a tower crane or other tall structure? Rescue operations from ladders, crane cabs, or walkways can be carried out by our teams. In addition to rescuing casualties who have fallen, we are able to rescue those who are suspended from a lanyard.


Power Plant:

Plant shut down rescue

Training of site personnel

We can prepare a written risk assessment and rescue plan to keep your employees safe on the job site during a plant shutdown or if the task is beyond your safety training capability.


Delta Access operates a comprehensive range of
rescue covers tailored to rail industry. Combined with our multi-skilled
workforce and experienced management team, we can support a wide range of rail
projects, including – but not limited to – the examples below.



On track

  • Track maintenance and renewal
  • Re-railing
  • Bridge works
  • Steelwork installation


Rail infrastructure and civils

can plan and manage construction, maintenance and repair projects, including:

  • Off-track works – access roads, steps, level crossing installation
  • Fencing and site lighting – temporary and permanent solutions
  • Cable route works – supply, clearance, installation and refurbish


Rescue services are undertaken by our specialist trained rope access technicians qualified by IRATA and supervised all the time.

Structural and General Maintenance are undertaken throughout the UK by IRATA experienced & qualified personnel.

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